9 Best Home Remedies For Upset Stomach

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The occasional stomach pain might not be serious enough condition to make you a
trip to the doctor’s clinic, but still it can make you uncomfortable enough. In fact there
are so many easy ways to relieve such stomach aches on your own. In Order to bring
you a solution for the belly ache, There are a few research-based natural home
remedies to cure that occasional upset stomach.

#1 Drink enough water

First of all, Drink enough Water
Drinking a good amount of water each day helps excretion of impurities and waste
products out of your body. Water makes waste pass through the digestive system.
According to facts published in an research article which appeared in the European
Journal of Clinical Nutrition, condition of dehydration is one of the most prominent
reasons for being constipated. The Constipated adults and minors should increase their
liquid intake unless one is on a fluid-restricted diet.

#2 Keep A Food Diary

When you frequently face symptoms of stomach upset and consequent belly ache then
Finding out the root cause of that upset stomach is a key step in preventing the
condition. In Order to find it a daily basis food note may be helpful. So why not try
keeping a food diary? This way If you notice that a particular food or drink item
causes you problems, then write it down so that you don’t make the mistake of
eating it again as a precaution.

This will Get to know your body and understand what
does and doesn’t suits you.

#3. Probiotics

Probiotics are also known as the “friendly bacteria,”. They are the live bacteria usually
found in food products like yogurts and other dairy products. Probiotics are also
available in market as dietary supplements.

As per the NHS reports, Probiotics are
associated to several digestive health benefits, including aiding irritable bowel
syndrome. Make sure and speak to your doctor for more information.

#4. Limit Spicy Foods

Spicy foods are mostly unhealthy and may be the reason for your upset stomach.

Usually extremely hot foods such as red and green chilies cause heartburn, but milder

and flavorful foods like garlic and onions are also causing the same. But Fortunately, if

these foods are the cause of your stomach ache, simply eliminating them out of your

diet may give you the relief you need.

#5. Reduce Acid Intake

Most of Acidic foods can cause indigestion, high blood pressure, heartburn and even

irritable bowel syndrome. There are Certain food groups, such as citrus fruits, are

commonly found to be highly acidic, yet other foods like red tomatoes and salad

dressing manage to slide under many people’s radar, despite having comparable levels

of acidity. You can Speak with your doctor about what foods are best to steer clear

#6.Keep A Healthy Weight

If you frequently have heartburn and sour stomach, now

may be the perfect time to start a daily exercise routine. Indigestion, bloating and acid

reflux can all be attributed to being overweight, as those extra pounds are putting

pressure on the stomach and causing gastric acid to back up into the esophagus.

#7. Quit Smoking

Fact is that not only does smoking cause a numerous types of cancer, but it can also

contribute to many common problems of the digestive system functionalities. Nicotine is

responsible in an increase in stomach acid production, that resulting in an increased

risk for heartburn, GERD and stomach ulcers. Smoking also increases the risk for

pancreatitis, Crohn’s disease and colon polyps.


Ginger is a great ayurvedic home home remedy for many health problems.In stomach upset you should try Ginger,In addition to it’s use as a cooking spice, ginger has been proven cure for stomach pain therapeutically since ancient times.

Most of the  therapeutic and  medicinal benefits of ginger are very useful in gastrointestinal ailments like diarrhea, upset stomach, colic, and nausea due to cancer treatments, pregnancy and motion sickness symptoms.

#9. Eat Smaller And Slower

It is a very known fact that Overeating may cause excessive gastric acid production
which may lead to gastric irritation and upset stomach problems .Additionally if you have heartburn or GERD, it is suitable to eat
several small meals throughout the entire day rather than having a couple of large

Apart from that make sure not to eat very quickly. Facts from Research suggests that people who
eat rapidly are more likely to get suffering from dyspepsia and sour stomach in compare to those who eat at a slower pace.Most of the time Stomach ache can be frustrating but do not avoid it and make sure to speak with your
doctor if you have a regular upset stomach or severe stomach pain problems.

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