Corona Hero: The farmer distributed his wheat crop, so that the poor people could burn the stove!


Corona Hero: The farmer distributed his wheat crop, so that the poor people could burn the stove!

“साँई इतना दीजिए, जामे कुटुम समाय।
मैं भी भूखा ना रहूँ, साधु न भूखा जाय।।”

“Give me this much Oh God, go to the family
I shall not be hungry, nor should Others be hungry. ”

This couplet of Saint Kabir means that all I want is that of me and my family. Also, if someone comes at my rate, then I can feed him too.

A farmer from Nashik said something to me that I remembered this couplet. He said, “I have a bun and if I give half a bun to a needy, what is the harm?” He will get some help just right. ”

This farmer is 41-year-old Datta Rama Rao Patil, who has distributed food grains to poor women living near his village a few days ago.

Datta Ram Patil
Datta Ram Patil

Datta Ram, a resident of Sukena town located in Nifad taluka in Nashik, is survived by his parents, wife and two children. The brothers work in Nashik. Talking to The Better India, he said that he owned three acres of land on which he cultivates.

“I have studied till graduation. But my father was not feeling well and underwent bypass surgery. So I started farming and on this three acres of land I now grow crops like wheat and soybeans, ”he said.

Nasik Farmer helps needy
Datta Ram Rao Patil with his family
This time too, he had taken a good crop of wheat from his fields and was harvested a few days ago. I was just waiting to get it to the market. Datta Ram needed a tractor for his fields and thought that he would invest the money he would get from selling the crop to buy the tractor.

But luck may have had something else.

He further adds, “One day a lady living in the raw settlements near the village came to us. They could not find work anywhere. They asked me if I could give them some leftover food in my house. This will feed their children. ”

Dutta felt sorry to hear that on one side we are fighting the corona virus. At the same time, on the other hand, for many people, knowing how to gather food for two times becomes a question of life and death. He asked the woman how many people live in the settlements here.

“He told that there would be about 150 families and no one had any work yet. Everyone’s condition is bad.I thought what can we do at our level? At that time I had only the grain lying in my fields. So it came to my mind that maybe we can help them by giving wheat, ”he added.

Helping poor amid lockdown

When Datta Ram asked his parents about this, he immediately said yes. His father said that we will take the tractor after two more years. Right now, it is important that one gets two morsels to eat.

The very next day, Datta Ram and his wife started distributing food grains to these women. He decided that he would distribute the grain of his one acre of land. They gave 5 kg to someone and 7 kg to someone. He says that he gave more grain to the women whose home situation is very bad.

“Many women are widows and there are patients in some house. Which they have to take care of. We tried to help everyone according to their need, ”he said.

As soon as the news about this initiative of Datta Ram appeared. From the Chief Minister’s Office of Maharashtra, he was appreciated by many common people. He says that after this he also got many calls for help.

“I got a call from America from a man named Arun. He was willing to pay money but I told him that with the money he can help the government. I don’t need this Similarly, an NGO was also approached but I asked them to help these people directly instead of giving me money. ”

This effort of Datta Ram has won the hearts of entire countrymen. Somebody has rightly said that a person is rich or poor from heart, not money. The financial condition of his own house is not very good but still he thought more than his interest.

“I am still getting calls from other places that more people need help. Even if someone is coming on the farm, then we are giving him one or two kilos of wheat. I don’t want to deny them but my ability is the same. In the end, the only thing I can tell people is not to be afraid, help each other and take care of yourself and your family, ”he said.

If this sincere move by Datta Rama Rao Patil has touched your mind too, then you should also help someone in need around you. You can call 9765213560 to contact them!

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