Corona virus Ayurvedic Cures-Ministry of Ayush Guidelines

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Corona Virus is spreading through more than 100 countries and in some specific places it took a shape of pandemic disaster . A natural way of treating COVID-19 has been provided through Ancient Knowledge base of Ayurveda.

Here are some of the key points of Corona virus Ayurvedic Cures-Ministry of Ayush Guidelines.

Recently assuming probable big threats chances from Corona Virus Central government and Government of various states in India has increased the safety measures and put a safety alert on this serious COVID-19 Disaster. Meanwhile Department of AYUSH, National AYUSH Mission has issued various press releases in order to spread awareness for prevention and safety from Corona Virus.

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Karnataka’s Minister for health and family welfare Sri B. Sriramulu was spreading knowledge regarding Corona virus during his visit to a local general hospital.
There is no exact treatment known for Coronavirus COVID-19.  As per the symptoms
treatment will be done .Do Not Panic, Be Aware !


An infection with corona virus typically affects the respiratory tract of mammals including humans. This Virus was initially originated in Wuhan City, China.


No vaccination available.


Fever, Headache, Cold, Cough, Breathing Problems, Diarrhoea
Mode of Transmission

Recommendation for General Public

• Wash your hands with soap & water.
Through air by coughing &
• Avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth with unwashed
• Close personal contact, such as
shaking hands or touching
infected person.
+ Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
• Using the things of the infected
person without any protection.
+ Use hand kerchief, triple layer mask or tissue paper
while coughing & sneezing.
• Touching eyes, nose & mouth
with unclean hands.
• If you are concerned about your symptoms, you
should see the nearest healthcare provider.
If you are mildly sick, keep yourself hydrated, stay at home and take rest.

AYUSH Guidelines For Corona Virus Precautions

In addition,

the following AYUSH specific measures may be adopted:
/ The diet should be fresh,warm, easy to digest,
containing whole cereals,seasonal vegetables etc.,
/ Honey with a pinch of pepper powder is also beneficial in case of cough.
/ Frozen and heavy foods are best
/ Frequent sipping of water boiled with tulsi leaves,crushed ginger and turmeric
would be beneficial.

To Avoid

It is always beneficial
to avoid direct contact with people.

/ Decoction prepared from dried stem of amruthaballi (Tinospora cordifolia)
15-20ml to be used 2 times.exposure to cold
/ Appropriate rest and timely sleep are advisable.

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