Cravings:How Unhealthy food cravings can spoiling your health.

CravingsHow Unhealthy food cravings can spoiling your health

Cravings.Unhealthy food cravings.Basically, what are cravings?The extreme desire to eat something.

specific doesn’t matter if we are hungry or not,it could be anything.For e.g. a chocolate, Pastries,

Samosa, Pizza,Burger or anything else is called a craving.Cravings are natural and we all have

experienced cravings some time or the other.If we are trying for weight loss or some other fitness goal

then cravings can be our biggest enemy.Can we reduce our cravings?Yes, we can.Today, I will share with

you 6 ways by which you can easily reduce your cravings.Not just that.I will tell you a magical trick using

which you can destroy your cravings in just 30 seconds.So stay tuned and watch this video till the very

end.Often, our mind gets confused whether we are actually hungry or just dehydrated.Next

time,whenever you experience a craving,drink a glass of water.Naturally, after drinking water our

hunger reduces.So wait for some time (30 min) and then judge if you are still craving.There are high

chances that your cravings will disappear.On an average, the protein intake of we Indians is very less.It is

essential to consume a specific amount of protein every day.Proteins can reduce your cravings because

they are difficult to breakdown.It takes time.Your body stays busy and as a result you don’t get

cravings.This is a very effective way to reduce your cravings.When we are extremely hungry, we may get

uncontrollable and can make wrong choices.The cravings tend to increase then.We feel like eating

chocolate, pizza, burgers,chhole bhature etc.And you don’t get uncontrollable about your food desires.It

has been proven that the people who sleepless and feel tired, they crave more.As their body is tired,

they need something to eat all the time to stay energized.So, it is important to sleep for 7-8 hours

daily.It is essential for our body, our mind.And also it helps reduce cravings.When we are stressed out,

we tend to eat.We feel like eating sweets or a chocolate.Basically, we want to eat.That is one thing you

should try to control.There are so many other ways to reduce stress.You can go out for a walk, you can

exercise,you can call a friend etc.If we want to achieve some fitness goal, we need to be mentally

strong.We should visualize ourselves that if I keep eating junk food then how will I look in 6 months or 1

year.On the other hand, if I eat healthy food for most of the time I can attain a good shape.Find your

own motivation and it will really help.I believe that the Psychological factor is the biggest factor.If you

think that you will do it, YOU WILL DO IT.There was a time when I used to roam around Pizza Hut and

Dominos outlets.Eating junk food will not give me results.It is only serving my brain.When I started

eating healthy food, which I actually started eating very late, my body started giving me results.It

became a motivation for me.Eating healthy has now become my lifestyle. I enjoy it.

And if anybody says that healthy food is not tasty, I don’t think it’s true.If somebody enjoys eating

sweets then we have a healthier option.We can have banana peanut butter sandwich.It’s sweet, it’s

healthy and it’s very tasty.You should always a healthy option as a backup.And trust me; cravings last

not more than 10 minutes.If you wait for those 10 minutes, if you stay strong, they will go away.Ok now

comes the fun part.I promised that I will tell you one technique by which your cravings will get

destroyed in 30 seconds.There was a social experiment conducted onobese people by Obese Society in

Boston.If you tap your forehead your 30 seconds,your cravings will go away.It may sound weird but it is

very effective.I did not believe it until I tested it on my brother.My younger brother is a junk food

lover.He will not stop eating junk, no matter what.Once I was casually telling him about this

technique.And he was about to order some junk from outside.I asked him to try it.And he reluctantly

tapped his forehead for about 30 seconds.What he said next was unbelievable.He said.He got doubtful

whether he should eat because just 30 seconds back he was about to order.It’s a true story.I was quite

surprised and since then I believe that this trick works.I thought I should share this trick with you,thus

this video.So I hope you find this video helpful.Well if you did, do give it thumbs up.And also, please do

remember to subscribe to my channel.

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