Do not accidentally throw boiled tea leaves as garbage, it is also more useful than you think

Boiled tea leaves are more useful than you think0A0A

Boiled tea leaves are more useful than you think 

Do not accidentally throw boiled tea leaves as garbage, it is also more valuable than gold

Tea is the life of many people, but do you know that the tea leaf you use to make tea and throw it after its use, how much is it for you? All of us, after making tea, show the boiled tea leaf the way of garbage, but the thing which you discard as garbage is your very useful thing. Come on, when you are throwing this waste, have you ever noticed why it is stored separately in the wet waste and why it is taken separately by the garbageman, in fact it is only after such a very poor condition of very little It is also very useful.

Today we are talking about the boiled tea leaf which we consider to be garbage, today we are going to tell you through this issue how this waste is also very useful for you.

Let’s know what is the specialty of this.

After throwing the tea leaf which is boiled, we throw it away and if it is washed again in water and grinded and its paste is applied on the wound, then it works to heal the wound very soon.

Wash the tea leaf with water and boil it again in water, and after washing the hair, if the hair is washed with that water and or after adding amla to the water, then the hair will become very beautiful and shine. Which is a natural conditioner for your hair.

If it is boiled again in water and cooled with that water, then the pain of the teeth is reduced.

If the utensils are cleaned with the remaining tea leaves, then the utensils are very well cleaned and the grease of oil ghee also goes away without any effort.

In the last, when this tea leaf has gone through all the work, you feel that it has become completely useless and there is nothing left in it, then you throw it in the gum instead of throwing it, it works as fertilizer for them. Especially for rose plants.

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