Do not panic if you have food poisoning, 5 effective remedies

Do not panic if you have food poisoning 5 effective remedies

Health care: do not panic if you have food poisoning, 5 effective remedies
No matter how much you avoid eating outside, but there are times when there is a need to eat something from outside. The outside food is not guaranteed to be fresh, due to which, if they need to be eaten often, the risk of food poisoning increases to a great extent. If the health deterioration due to food poisoning, the below mentioned home remedies will help in giving you immediate relief –

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1. Eat lemon- Lemon has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Therefore, drinking this food kills food poisoning bacteria. You can drink lemon-water on an empty stomach or if you wish, squeeze lemon in warm water and drink it.

2 Eat apple cider vinegar- Apple cider vinegar contains ingredients that increase the rate of metabolism. On empty stomach, it also helps in killing bad bacteria.

3 Eat Tulsi- The antimicrobial properties present in Tulsi fight micro organisms. You can consume basil in many ways. You can eat basil leaves, black pepper and a little salt in a bowl of curd. You can drink basil leaves in water and tea too.

4 Eat Curd- Curd is a type of antibiotic, adding a little black salt to it can be eaten.

5 Eat Garlic- Garlic has anti fungal properties. You can eat raw buds of garlic on an empty stomach in the morning.

Can eat together. This will also provide relief.

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