Do you also have trouble with partner snoring, these 7 things kept in the kitchen are panacea,,

Do you also have trouble with partner snoring these 7 things kept in the kitchen are panacea

Do you also have trouble with partner snoring, these 7 things kept in the kitchen are panacea

Everyone dreams of a deep sleep as they lay in bed at night after a full day’s fatigue. In such a situation, if the snoring of your partner tries to break this dream, then anger is bound to come. Not only this, many times the snoring of the partner also becomes the reason for mutual aggression. Actually, snoring comes due to too much fatigue or blocked nose. In such a situation, these things present in the kitchen will quickly remove your problem.

Mint oil

Gargle by adding a few drops of mint oil to the water before bedtime. By doing this, swelling of the nasal cavities is reduced and breathing will be easier. If you want, you can also sleep by applying mint oil near your nose.

Olive oil

The elements present in olive oil relieve the difficulty in breathing. Consuming it with honey before sleeping at night proves beneficial.


Ghee is considered one of the effective remedies to stop snoring. It is present in everyone’s kitchen. Make the ghee lukewarm before going to bed at night and with the help of a dropper put one or two drops of it in the nose. Doing this every day will make a difference to you. This is the easiest solution.

Tea tree oil

You can steam for ten minutes by adding a few drops of tea tree oil to the water in case of snoring due to blocked nose. This will open the nose.


Drink a mixture of cardamom or its powder in lukewarm water daily before bedtime. By doing this daily, the problem of snoring is overcome.

Turmeric milk

Turmeric is considered the panacea for most problems. Drinking turmeric milk half an hour before going to bed every day provides relief from snoring problem.


Honey is an effective way to get rid of snoring. For this, drink honey mixed with lukewarm water every night. This gives you relief from breathing problems.

Hair fall in winter is disturbed, this recipe of fenugreek will give relief in few days


Hair loss becomes a problem of every other person as the weather changes. If your beautiful hair is also falling fast, then you should follow this recipe of fenugreek without delay. This recipe of fenugreek will remove your problem in few days. Let’s know how.


Amla is a boon not only for health but also for hair. Apart from eating it, you can mix its pulp with lemon juice and leave it for overnight. Cover the hair with a cloth and wash it in the morning.


To maintain hair health, soak fenugreek overnight. After this, make a paste by grinding it in the morning. Apply this paste on the hair for about 40 minutes. Wash hair thoroughly after 40 minutes.

Aloe vera gel

For good growth of hair, apply aloe vera gel or juice and wash it after half an hour. Apply it two to three times a week. Hair loss will also become pandas with shine in the hair.

Onion juice

In addition to fenugreek, wash the hair after applying onion juice to the hair for half an hour. Onion protects the hair from all kinds of infections.

Potatoes become sweet, so the coffee flies away, do not forget these 5 things in the fridge.


Often they are kept in the fridge for long-term eating and drinking. But do you know that there are many things that if you keep them in the refrigerator, then they become spoiled quickly instead of living fresh. You must also have wondered what is such a thing. Let us know which things are spoiled even by keeping them in the fridge


Onion becomes soft due to moisture present in the fridge. Due to which it becomes a little difficult to reuse it. That is why it is advisable to keep the onion in a dry and cool place.


If you also keep coffee in the fridge, then think once more before doing it next time. Actually, keeping the coffee in the fridge leaves it smelling and becomes tasteless.


Honey does not spoil if it is kept in a room at normal temperature instead of kept in the fridge. The only thing you have to take care of is that the lid of the bottle is tightly closed.

Olive oil

According to, this oil becomes very hard after keeping olive oil in the refrigerator. It becomes like butter. Also, garlic should be kept in the refrigerator.


Keeping potatoes in the fridge makes them sweeter due to the cold of the fridge, so they should be kept in a bag at normal temperature.




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