If you are troubled by thyroid problem, then practice these 3 yogasanas

thyroid problem then practice these 3 yogasanas

Nowadays Thyroid has became a very common problem due to modern lifestyle and eating habits Thyroid is a major harmonal disorder which raises alarm for many other consequences. If you are troubled by thyroid problem, then practice these 3 yogasanas. 


Yoga is the only way for physically challenged people to keep fit.​ Nowadays thyroid has become such a disease, which is increasing day by day.​ The thyroid is a gland found in the neck that controls the metabolism of the body.​ When the thyroid gland starts producing more thyroxine hormones, humans become the victim of many problems.​ Uncontrolled metabolism also affects body weight.​ Yoga is very beneficial for people suffering from thyroid problems.​ Today we will tell you about 3 such yogasanas that will make you agile by reducing your stress.



Practicing this asana is a little difficult but very beneficial.​ First of all, lay the carpet on the ground.​ After this, lie down directly on the carpet lying on the ground.​ Now keep both your hands on the ground and join the legs together.​ Now raise both your legs gently and raise your buttock even slightly.​ Now with the help of your hands, move both your legs behind the head towards the ground.​ Now keep your feet and knees straight and place your hands on the side of the hip.​ Come back after a short stay in this situation.



Viparita Karani (Inverted Pose) 

Practicing this yogasana is very simple.​ This yogasana is very beneficial for thyroid patients.​ By doing this asana, all the difficulties like headache, back pain, knee pain are removed.​ For the practice of doing the opposite, lay a mat near the wall and lie down while leaning backwards.​ After that, lift your legs and hips upwards with the support of the wall, keep hands away from the body in this state.​ You have to do this for 5 to 10 minutes, after that you get up and sit down and rest for a while.​ If you have neck pain then you should avoid doing this Yogasana.


This posture is also called fish pose.​ This cures your back pain and also reduces your neck fat.​ This brings flexibility in the spine.​ By doing this yoga, the shoulder, neck, waist feel the strain, which relieves muscle tension.​ If you have constipation problem then it will be beneficial in getting rid of you.​ This yoga reduces knee pain, it is also good for the eyes.

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