Leaving advocacy and bringing aloe vera cultivation to a new dimension, setting up a factory and giving employment to farmers

aloe vera farming shyamu singh

Here is the inspiring success story of an Advocate turned Farmer.Leaving advocacy and bringing aloe vera cultivation to a new dimension, setting up a factory and giving employment to farmers

Since ancient times, aloe vera has been used to treat people in the medical world. All of us are well aware of the properties of aloe vera and we must have used it in some form, either directly or unseen. The demand in Ayurvedic industry is increasing as Aloe Vera has unique properties to cure many diseases. While truly recognizing these special features of Aloe Vera, Shyamu Singh has set an inspiring example for the farmers of our country.

aloe vera farming
aloe vera farming

Shyamu Singh Meh is a resident of Kharipura area of ​​the village, LL.M. After obtaining the degree of (Masters in Law), he was practicing in Gwalior High Court, but a year ago training camp was organized in his village by the Atma Foundation, which gave information related to cultivation of aloe vera. Impressed by this, Shyamu quit advocacy and started farming aloe vera in his two hectare land with his partner RPS Khushwah. Once harvested, two to three times the crop can be taken, so Shyamu grew very fast due to low cost and high production in a short time. He is currently cultivating aloe vera on 50 acres of land. Along with farming, Shyamu also started training farmers to cultivate aloe vera, which increased the confidence of farmers.




Kharipura region is famous for its traditional farming. Most of the farmers here are interested in sowing the same type of crop during the Ravi and Kharif seasons. But the guidance that Shyamu received from the soul a year ago changed not only his but also the thinking and life of many farmers. Now Shyamu is training farmers with new techniques to make farming a very profitable business so that the farmer can get maximum benefit.


All of Shyamu’s positive efforts started paying off when he set up a factory called “SRA Agro” in his village to manufacture medicines from Aloe Vera and from this factory he connected all the farmers in his area, thereby The livelihood of the farmers of the country was greatly improved. The special thing is that animals do not eat this plant and it thrives well on less fertile land. With the help of 20 thousand plants, production of 1000 to 1200 quintals per hectare, farmers are making profit at the rate of 30 to 40 thousand rupees per hectare. Aloe vera plant, which is full of medicinal properties, is grown entirely by organic means, it can be planted in high places, this crop also requires less water. Due to which the cost of cultivation is very low. Due to all these benefits, now Aloe vera sales center has also been established in Kharipura, which is likely to benefit farmers in the near future.


Shyamu Singh tells about his factory that other big companies including Pantjali and Dabur have contracted with his factory. It is the first such factory in the district. In this factory, the aloe vera purchased from the farmers is processed and a contract is made with them so that they do not face any problem in selling aloe vera. With the untiring efforts of Shyamu Singh, he has greatly improved not only his own but also the economic condition of his fellow farmers and has emerged as an example in his field.

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