Seven risky food combinations that can ruin your health

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Here are the Seven food combinations that can ruin your health.You will be surprised but it’s really not safe trying them. 

Food is an essential part of every person’s life some people love simply cook dishes Others have their eyes on some pungent flavors and enjoy unusual combination choices of course even a child knows that eating beans and soda together can bring unexpected results However even some seemingly safe products put together can have a harmful effect on your digestion system and make you sick and Some of them you may eat on a daily basis without even knowing the influence they have on your body.

So we got familiar with diet specialists recommendations and put together seven food combinations, you’d better avoid.

Did you know that combining milk and banana isn’t that good of an idea? Watch our video to find out other common and

popular but not so healthy combinations Number seven sandwiches with coffee Pretty much everyone

starts their day with a quick cup of coffee and a couple of sandwiches. When there’s no time such a

simple breakfast on the go is a great and common solution for some of us it has already Become a part

of our daily morning routine sort of a ritual Unfortunately when you say hello to cheese sandwiches and

coffee you also say goodbye to all the healthy properties of cheese The main reason is that the simple carbs in bread Prevent calcium from being digested properly and bringing help to your nervous and cardiovascular systems Moreover if you add instant coffee there will be no benefit to your health at all.

Don’t worry however There’s a solution for all those cheese sandwich lovers. Just try to replace coffee

with white or green tea Properly brewed tea will make you energized Plus it has numerous other

benefits It reduces the risk of cancer and helps to maintain good physique And fresh looking and clear

skin and as to the green tea Everyone is already aware of its many advantages among which are the

overall improvement of your immune system stamina etc Number six tomatoes with cucumbers This is

one of the most popular food combinations especially for summer salads you can find it in a lot of

Restaurants and cafes all over the world and a lot of people really enjoy. It as a quick and fresh meal

however it’s not as healthy as it may seem the latest research actually shows that combining these two

vegetables can disturb the Biomechanical pathways of your body this can lead to excessive Calcination

and swelling and the vitamins contained in both vegetables won’t be digested properly Above all these

products have a different digestion time which again confuses the system So it’s much better to eat

tomatoes and cucumbers separately for example today You can make a salad with tomatoes and greens

and tomorrow a salad with cucumbers This way all the valuable vitamins that these vegetables contain

will be consumed properly and you won’t feel any discomfort you can always find simple and good

recipes both for tomato salads and cucumber ones Number 5 potatoes with meat .Another all-time

favorite combination for a lot of us, I mean seriously who can resist the steak with fries It’s way too

delicious, but unfortunately just like all the previous ones.This is a very unhealthy and heavy food

combination the starch contained in potatoes demands out kalitta digestive fluids and the proteins for

meat demand acidic ones So when put together they just get stuck inside your stomach and can bring

such disorders as heartburn Belching gas and many others. Do you know this feeling of bloatedness that

you sometimes get after eating this combination? Well, it’s caused by mixing protein and starch so as

sad as it may sound it’s better not to put these two products together Instead as a side dish to meat

choose non. Starchy vegetables for example asparagus broccoli cauliflower green beans or zucchini

These combinations not only complement each other, but they are also way healthier

Number four pasta with minced meat

Pasta is considered to be one of the most popular and tasty products by people all over the

world.Everyone combines it with different products to their liking and minced meat is an ultimate choice

for many people however Just like with potatoes and meat the same reasoning applies to minced meat

with pasta the saliva glands produced ptyalin and amylase which transform the starch carbs in pasta into

simple sugars and when simple sugars cover proteins which meat contains they create a dangerous

chemical mixture that can lead to diabetes and Cv DS So the best thing to do is to just eat pasta as a

separate dish Try to choose the roughly textured pasta made of durum. Wheat and combine it with herb

sauces It’s just as delicious. If not more and better for your system

Number 3 beer with nuts

This is one of the most popular combinations from our college days.Everyone loves to eat salty nuts

while drinking beer still to this day it.Continues to be a perfect combination for a good Friday night in

especially for men It’s no wonder that the first image that comes to mind while mentioning a beer with

nuts is a man who’s watching football or just Hanging out with his friends, and if you ever thought that

this particular combination could not be healthy for the system you were right High-salt foods are not

only unhealthy by themselves, but also lead to dehydration Salty products contain a lot of sodium so

your body increases the fluid loss And you get thirsty that increases the likelihood of having more and

more pints of beer On the other hand beer has the third most Consumed drink in the world after water

and tea has a couple of bad effects on your system as well One of them is weight gain which results in

the widely known term beer belly Still if you’re a big lover of this particular combination you can actually

avoid dehydration While drinking alcohol just by keeping soda or water nearby They will help to quench

your thirst without necessarily drinking way too much beer

Number two daiquiris with pineapple

Recently pineapple smoothies and milkshakes became quite common there are countless.Recipes on the

internet on how to make it tasty pineapple ice cream or cocktail with milk and other ingredients

however Pineapple and dairy don’t really go well together Sour fruits make your digestion work slower

especially in the morning Beside pineapple contains bromelain and enzyme make complex which can

cause intoxication when combined with dairy products the bromelain also causes milk to curdle.So if

you’re a big fan of putting dairies with fruit try adding dry apricots or plums instead of pineapple.These

types of combinations will have a fresh and tasty flavor and will be consumed way more easily by your

system It’s always great to expand your menu. Who knows maybe you’ll find your new favorite dish or


Number one milk with banana

This food has become very popular among followers of a healthy lifestyle because it’s nourishing and

fast to prepare However, it’s not that simple Combining bananas with milk as a smoothie or milkshake

may disturb your digestion process as well as your sleep pattern also different flavors of these products

confuse your digestion system And results in different kinds of imbalances in Fact some nutritionists

strongly believe that fruits. Especially sweet ones should be consumed separate They stay inside the

body for longer slowing down the digestion systemEspecially when eaten with other foods as for milk. It

is also more healthy to drink it separately Instead of drinking a banana milkshake, or smoothie just use

bananas as snacks between major meals Bananas on their own have tons of positive influences on your

health First of all they’ll make you happier as they contain the vitamin b9 which helps in fighting

depression and anxiety At the same time they improve your sleep pattern stabilize your blood sugar and

boost your energy Plus eating bananas between meals will reduce the possibility of consuming

Unhealthy junk food and have an overall good effect on your system and body Do you know any other food combinations that can be surprisingly unhealthy.

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