The World’s most powerful nutritional supplement diet Drumsticks(Sahajan)

powerful nutritional supplement diet DrumsticksSahajan

The World’s most powerful nutritional supplement diet Drumsticks(Sahajan).The world’s most powerful nutritional supplement diet is  From its root to flowers, leaf, flat, tan, glue everything is useful. Treatment of three hundred diseases from Sahajan in Ayurveda is possible. Comparison of nutritious properties of Sahajan: – Vitamin C-seven times more than orange. Vitamin A- Four times more than carrot. Calcium- Four times more than milk. Potassium- Three times more than banana. Protein-three times more than curd. According to health, its pod, green and dry leaves are found in carbohydrate, protein, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, vitamin-A, C and B-complex are abundant. Many diseases can be prevented by increasing their diseases, it is the Botikal name ‘Moriga Olifera’. In Hindi, it also knows with Sujna, Sanjana and Munaga, who knows about it, they definitely do it. Sociovy flower is useful in stomach and cuff diseases, its pod and abdominal, in the leaf, eyebrow, sprain, cytica, arthritis etc. Its bark is beneficial in cytica, arthritis, liver. Mixing honey in the bark of Sahajan and drinking and cough diseases are over. By making a decoction of the leaf of Sahajan, it reaches a quick benefit in arthritis, cytica, paralysis, air disorder. The decoction of its root in the rapid velocity of the cytica shows the miraculous effect at the rapid speed. When the sprain of Sahajan, cook the oil and cook it on the flame and put it on the flame and it starts to get benefit soon. By eating the vegetable of Sahajan, the old arthritis, joint pain, air accumulation, vote diseases benefit. The juice of its fresh leaves gets cured by putting it in the ear, as well as eating its vegetable, kidney and bladder are cut off. Drinking the bark of its root and drink salt and asafetida, it is beneficial in the gallbladder. Juice of Sahajan leaves removes children’s stomach worms and prevents vomiting. Even in reducing blood pressure and obesity, it is beneficial in high blood pressure by drinking the juice of morning and evening. Obesity slowly reduces by the intake of its leaves. To rinse its bark, teeth worms are destroyed and relaxed in pain. Eating the greens of the gentle leaves of Sahajan is removed, apart from this, it is beneficial in epilepsy visions by drinking it with rock salt and asafoetid. Wounds and swelling are fine by grinding its leaves. Water from the seed seed is used to a great extent and drinking water. Its seed is grinded in the form of powdered and mixed in water. It becomes an effective natural chlorophicization agent by dissolving in water. This not only makes water without bacteria, but it also increases the concentration of water. In the body of cancer and body, there is a vogue of drinking and brewing with the root of the root of the root in the boil, etc. This decoction is also beneficial in cytica (pain pain), joint pain, paralyzes, asthma, swelling, calculus etc. The gum of Sahajan is considered beneficial in the pain and asthma of joints. Even today, the villagers have such belief that the risk of diseases from the virus, such as smallpox etc., the risk of diseases. There is more quantity of olik acid in sahajan, which is a type of monostered fat and it is very necessary for the body. Vitamin-C is very much in Sahajan. It fights with many diseases of the body. If the nose and ears are closed due to the winter, boil the water and steam that water. This less tightness is low. The amount of calcium is high in Sahajan, which makes bones strong. It is advisable to give a juice to pregnant, it relieves the problem occurring in delivery and even after delivery, the mother suffered, the pregnant woman is ease of delivery by giving its leaves juice. Eating of the green vegetable of Sahajan is away from eating old age, it is also good. Socios can also drink in the form of a soup, it cleans the blood of the body. Drinking soup is most beneficial. There is a lot of vitamin C found in it. Apart from Vitamin C, it is full of beta carotene, protein and many types of salts, it is full of magnes, magnesium, potassium and fiber. All the elements are very important for the full development of the body. How to create Sahajan Soup? Cut the Sahajan’s pod into many small pieces. Take two cups to boil it on a low flame, when the water be boiled, it put pieces of a cut-off pod, in which the leaves of Sahajan can also be mixed, when the water removed the pulp between the beans

1. Sexual health is better than regular intake of soup soup. Society is equally beneficial for both women and men.

2. Anti-bacterial properties are found in Sahajan, which is helpful in keeping safe from many types of infections. Apart from this, it works to boost Vitamin C immune system present in it.

3. Societies work to strengthen the digestive system, the fibers present in it do not allow constipation.

4. Even if there is a complaint of asthma, drinking soup is beneficial. To get rid of cold-cough and mucus, it is used as a domestic drug.

5. Societial soup is also helpful in cleaning blood, due to the cleaning of blood, it also comes to face.

6. Socting consumption is also advised to control diabetes. Presentation.




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