These 9 home remedies are the perfect cure for constipation

home remedies are the perfect cure for constipation

These 9 home remedies are the perfect cure for constipation


Constipation problems are common due to irregular routines and eating habits. Habits such as sitting after a meal and sleeping straight after dinner are responsible for constipation. If you also have this problem, then we are telling you, 10 home remedies to deal with it –

1 After waking up in the morning, drink lemon juice mixed with black salt in water. This will clean the stomach well, and will not cause constipation.


2 Honey is very beneficial for constipation. Drink one spoon of honey mixed with a glass of water before going to bed at night. Constipation is overcome by its regular intake.


3 After waking up in the morning on an empty stomach daily, eating 4 to 5 cashew nuts mixed with the same dry grapes, constipation is eliminated. Apart from this, constipation is also cured by eating 6 to 7 raisins before going to bed at night.


4 Drink the powder of myrabalan chebulie or Triphala with lukewarm water every night. This will relieve constipation, as well as get rid of the problem of gas in the stomach.


5 For constipation, you can drink castor oil mixed with warm milk at bedtime. This clears the stomach, and does not cause constipation.


6 Chrysanthemum is a panacea for constipation. You can use it with milk or water, while sleeping at night. This will eliminate constipation problem altogether.


7 Guava and papaya in  fruits are very beneficial for constipation. They can be consumed at any time. By eating them, stomach problems are eliminated, the skin also becomes beautiful.

8 After melting raisins in water for some time, taking it ends constipation. Apart from this, after consuming figs after melting them in water overnight, constipation problem is eliminated.


9 Spinach is also a good option for constipation patients. By adding spinach juice to your daily routine, you can get freedom from constipation, as well as its vegetables are also good for health. But if you are a stone patient, do not use it.

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