These 4 things make the hand sanitizer effective, know how to eliminate germs

These 4 things make the hand sanitizer effective know how to eliminate germs

Covid-19 : Hand Sanitizer

Amid COVID-19 people started understanding the importance of Hand Sanitizer and Hygiene maintenance more than ever.These 4 things make the hand sanitizer effective, know how to eliminate germs

The whole country is troubled by the corona virus infection that started in Wuhan city of China.​ Every day, new cases of infection from Corona are coming up in India.​ Doctors and health experts are advising to keep cleanliness and hygiene maintenance to prevent this.​ Especially, cleanliness of hands is very important.​ However, it is not possible to wash hands repeatedly with soap.​ In this case, sanitizer is a better option.​ But have you ever thought about how sanitizer is made effective?​ Otherwise, let’s know how the sanitizer eradicates germs …

Lemon juice or flavored oil

Alcohol is used to make hand sanitizer.​ To reduce the aroma of alcohol, fragrant oil such as lemon juice or clove-oil is added to it.​ Perfumes are also sprayed to enhance fragrance.​ For the same reasons, while using the sanitizer, it smells very strong.

Benzalkonium chloride

it is an antiseptic agent, which acts to eliminate germs.​ If there is a slight burning sensation in the hands after applying the sanitizer, it is due to this chemical.​ Benzalkonium chloride is also used in the manufacture of many medicines.


Trichlosan is a type of chemical, which is added to the hand sanitizer.​ This chemical absorbs the skin of hands and goes inside and destroys germs.​ In this case, it can be used up to four times from China.​ Overuse of this can cause dryness in the hands.


Phthalates is a chemical that works to enhance fragrance.​ This chemical is added to the sanitizer to enhance its aroma.​ However the quantity of this chemical should be determined.​ Several researches have revealed that an excess of phthalates can damage the liver, kidney, lungs and reproductive system.​ Its overuse is harmful for pregnant women.

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