These tremendous uses of tea bags may surprise you

These tremendous uses of tea bags may surprise you

tremendous uses of tea bag

These tremendous uses of tea bags may surprise you

Once used, the tea bags become useless and are discarded. But do you know that these tea bags are very useful. We tell you how you can use these useless tea bags.

Smelling from the fridge

Many times the refrigerator starts to smell. If the refrigerator is kept closed for a long time, it starts smelling. In such a situation, put these tea bags in any corner of the refrigerator, the smell will go away.

Cleaning dirty utensils

Cleaning the dirty utensils is the most difficult task but these tea bags will make this task easier. Put hot water in dirty utensils and put these tea bags in them and leave them for overnight. Clean up in the morning, the worst stains will be cleared.

Air freshener

Tea bags can also be used as air fresheners. Dry them in the sun and then add a few drops of any favorite smelling oil to it. Now hang it in the room, in the bathroom, wherever you want, the scent will come.

Mouth ulcers problem

If there is a problem of ulceration in the mouth, keep the tea bag in the fridge to cool. After this, keep it in a place with ulceration. By doing this, you will get rid of mouth ulcers.

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