What are the common myths preventing Weight loss?

What are the common myths preventing Weight loss

Most Common Diet Myths that Prevent Weight loss

Myths are in fact the popular assumptions which most of us believe but actually they are not completely true.Here let’s talk about the Most Common Diet Myths that Prevent Weight loss.

Is your desired fitness goal weight loss?

Some way If you are not able to obtain the desired results,most likely there may be high chances that knowingly or unknowingly you

are following some of these 5 myths relating weight loss.

First This is a common myth where people believe that a low fat diet promotes weight loss.

Experts used to recommend that nearly 30 to 35 percent of total calories should sourced from fats.

Now,when we mention fats here it obviously mean Healthy Fats.The Fats are which we intake are the essential food components for our body for

  • getting energy,
  • tissue repair,
  • for transfer of vitamins like A,D,E and K.

It is a good practice to cut down on saturated fat consumption.it’s advisable that Not more than 7 percent of the total calories should sourced from the saturated fats.

Crash dieting

Crash dieting  appear to be helpful in the short term results but in the long term perspective your weight will increase. So Actually Crash dieting removes not just the fat but also remove lean muscle mass and tissues.

Moreover, the crash dieting lowers Basal Metabolic Rate.BMR is the rate at which the body consume calories for its basic functioning.

So, crash diets in the long run are bad for health.

Processed and Packaged foods

Let us put a little talk about processed and packaged foods.

In some cases, If the label on the packaging says it’s low fat, that does not always mean it will have low calories content .For real, This is just a marketing gimmick.Even though the package label says low fat, it is usually loaded with loads of extra sugars,flavors, synthetic ingredients , food preservatives etc to enhance the appearance, taste as well as texture.

So, these extra sugars which later get converted into fat are not good.

Moreover, these Artificial substances are very unhealthy.

Basically, So next time when you buy such low fat content products,you should check out thoroughly what all is added in it as ingredients .

You might have listened people say that

if you are exercising, you can eat as much as you want.

If you are running or exercising in a routine basis, that is Undoubtedly a very good thing.But this practice serving only 25 percent of the whole process.Remaining 75 percent totally dependent upon the food habits you apply and foods you consume. Notably as far as  we don’t eat healthy foods, our body will not produce required weight loss results.Here it don’t mean that there is no need to Run or workout. The point is that the diet is much more important factor.

This myth happens most often with lot of people so many times….This is a very common myth.To Accomplish your fitness goal, it is  significantly important to follow a healthy diet regime and balanced diet.


Eating Salads for Weight loss Goals

If you are eating only salads, then the body is getting only vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates.

Besides these,it is essential to consume Proteins and Fats.Your body should get all the nutrients.Eating only salads is an incomplete diet.


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