Who was the one who spread the corona virus all over the world? Know here

Who was the one who spread the corona virus all over the world Know here

Who was the one who spread the corona virus all over the world? Know here

A virus has shaken the world’s largest superpower countries. The infection that started from the city of Wuhan in China has spread to more than 200 countries and everyone wants to know who is the person from whom the virus has spread worldwide. Let me tell you, the Patient Zero of Corona virus has been identified.

The streets of the world are deserted, the markets are closed, the silence is dying everywhere and everyone is forced to live in the shadow of fear. The Corona virus, originating from Wuhan, has taken away thousands of lives so far. But do you know who was the first person who got infected with this virus?

‘Patient zero’ locks the world?

The corona virus has locked the world. People are in different corners of the world but the fear of Corona is the same. The treatment of corona has not been found yet, but China has definitely found out where and in which symptoms of this virus were found first. Corona was the first victim in the world in Wuhan, China, a 57-year-old woman who used to sell shrimp in Wuhan’s seafood market.


Wei Gujhiyan is being called Patient Zero. Patient zero is the patient in whom symptoms of a disease are seen first. It is very important to know here that this woman was treated for about a month after being found corona positive, after which it has been completely cured. On 31 December last year, the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission put the name of this woman Wei Gujhiyan in front of everyone.

Used public toilet

Let me tell you, at that time Corona virus infection was found positive in 27 patients, including Wei Gujian. According to the information, Wei had used a public toilet, during which he was gripped by a cold and cold and then he got a disease which has caused havoc all over the world.

Who was the COVID-19 that spread all over the world?

A shocking report has come out of a Chinese news website called ‘The Paper’. In this report, the woman Wei Gujian was described as Patient Zero and on seeing this, this report of this website of China started making lot of headlines in the whole world. In this report, it has been claimed that the Chinese government has identified 266 people who were caught in the coronation virus in the year 2019 itself.


According to the information, due to Vai’s contact, besides her daughter and husband, her niece was also hit by the corona virus. Which were found to be corona positive. Along with this, many traders of seafood market also came in contact with this woman and they also got infected.



Whose mistake did the world put to death?

According to a report, Patient Zero said that if the Chinese government had taken appropriate steps in time, the death toll would have been much lower. To understand how Corona’s havoc spread from Wuhan to the world, one has to understand the importance of Wuhan.


Actually, 112 types of animal meat are available in this seafood market. It is said that the people of China buy animal parts according to their needs and the rest of the share is spread in the market there. Because of which there is a lot of dirt around and it is possible that due to this corona virus has also been born.


Not only this, such a large number of people from other countries also come to this city that, seeing the corona, it first spread to China and then to other parts of the world.


230 of the world’s 500 largest companies in Wuhan

It is said that in 2016, 20 million passengers arrived at Wuhan International Airport. It is also known that direct flight services can be obtained from Wuhan to visit all major places of the world including London, Paris, Dubai. According to a figure, 230 companies out of the 500 largest companies in the world have invested in this city i.e. Wuhan. In such a situation, the continuation of people coming here is not a big deal.

The biggest reason for traveling to Wuhan to World

If the infection has spread through this Patient Zero in the world, then through this the local seafood market of this city spread this virus. It is also not wrong that people coming to this city of Wuhan, especially those coming from abroad, spread the virus very fast throughout the world

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